Ding Dong

Daniel Karlsson Trio

>>Ding Dong<< Brus/Knaster 043 Release: 2017-01-27

On this their fourth studio album the Daniel Karlsson Trio take their art to yet another level. As on their previous three albums Ding Dong is positively jam-packed with original ultra-hip music by prolific pianist, composer and bandleader Daniel Karlsson. The album was recorded during two separate sessions in 2016. The first one just after New Years’ Eve in the dark of winter during a blizzard of snow over the Stockholm archipelago and the island of Runmarö. The contrast couldn’t have been greater than to when the mobile studio was rigged in the Runmarö Concert Hall for a second recording session during the week of bright midsummer nights in June.

We have worked with the same collage/cut up technique on Ding Dong as previously, i.e. the production has started out as regular piano trio recording that has been cut up, resampled and/or, with new overdubs added. But this time there are also tracks like Last Tesoro where Christian Spering has used an effect pedal on his double bass already at the recording stage to set a sound. The title track and the final Passing Fury with its raw live sound from a nightly excursion in a Milesean vibe has also been tinged from the start. One track has made it to the final master without any treatment whatsoever, on Spyder’s Mam the trio appear in their most traditional shape. The minimalistic Streetlight Shadows takes ideas first appearing on At the Feel Free Falafel (the trio’s third album) but this time even further. Concluding the Ding Dong track listing – A Man and His Umbrella – a playful fusion track.

Daniel Karlsson Trio are Daniel Karlsson, piano and keyboards, Christian Spering, double bass and cello and Fredrik Rundqvist, drums and percussion.

In conjunction with the release of Ding Dong the trio will make a club tour in Germany, Austria and Italy.

”In a market where piano trios abound, the Daniel Karlsson Trio stands out as a trio brimming with ideas. As for Karlsson, whilst he’s not afraid to show his influences he certainly isn’t defined or confined by them. His riveting playing and compositional flare mark him out as one of the most exciting of contemporary pianists…” Ian Patterson, All about jazz

Ding Dong Track list:

Side A:

1.Ding Dong

2.Last Tesoro

3.Streetlight Shadows

Side B:

1. A Man and His Umbrella 

2.Spyder’s Mam

3.Passing Fury


Ding Dong is available on CD and on 180 G Vinyl.

For further info, press pics etc please contact:

Goran Petersson